About TwistyPen

Hi, I’m Gabriela Guime, sole owner of TwistyPen. When I started doing translation work, I have always been keen on keeping the right meaning of what’s being translated rather than doing a word-for-word translation. There are so many nuances with the spanish language that just doing a word-for-word translation becomes ineffective. There are sentences that have a deeper meaning, or words that are actually hard to represent in spanish. I differentiate from other translation/interpretation services in that I take the time to understand, digest and then express the work in Spanish. I simply don’t just “google translate” and correct.

I pride myself on creating translations that not only read well, but convey the actual meaning of the material being translated. Having grew up in Ecuador, coming from long-line of spanish teachers, I have gathered a pool of experience in reading/writing and crafting well-versed passages in Spanish.

Be trying to reach new customers by offering spanish-ready descriptions, or educating your employess by having spanish manuals, I can help! Give me a call (224-300-7138), or drop me an email



TwistyPen is a Minority Owned Small business